Saturday, February 8, 2020


"...the eve of destruction..." MY 2020 CONCERN IS GROWING..... AND YOURS???

Those who know me, understand that I have had broad political and electoral experience in campaigns and on live issues over decades.... We presently have a horror show sitting in the White House.... and, like many of you, I have opposed him in my blog and in my actions with MTP since 2015. I continue to do so today. I Understood that the Impeachment process - charges brought by the House and the Senate Trial - would most likely fail to receive the required 2/3 conviction vote in the Moscow Mitch McConnell led Senate. As you know, Monarch/Dictator Trump secured every Republican vote minus just one - Senator Mitt Romney. The Trump Impeachment vote failed - 48 yes and 52 no. As you can imagine,Trump crowed for days in celebration of his "victory." And, that isn't my concern right now....
After all, the entire process - impeachment trial and psychotic tweets - exposed the Presidential maniac at the switch. With documents and testimony in the House, the case was completely presented in the Senate by Adam Shiff and the House managers. Additional info was exposed by both an indicted co-conspirator and Giuliani associate - Lev Parnas, and by former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton during the course of the House Articles presentations, although Parnas, Bolton, and others were denied the ability to testify at the Senate Trial. Trump's insane violations of the LAW... were simply ignored.... Disappointing, but exposed with an expected vote leaving the damaged "goods" in office was carefully watched....and understood. That was my expectation and not my concern.....
I am seriously worried, however, by the evolution of the Democratic Party primary - process, debates, candidates, and the resulting serious split - both in behavior and in broad policy disagreement. Let me explain.
Launched with more than 20 candidates at the start, this multi-candidate Democratic field spent debate after debate critical of one another - their issue positions, experiences, associations, funding, and comments. Well before he dropped out of the race, Senator Cory Booker (NJ) commented that those running for the Democratic nomination for President should stop assaulting one another and focus their attack on the National embarrassment - Trump. The Debates and discussions went on still.... and the complaints, assaults, and criticisms continued - and intensified - to this date, including the New Hampshire Debate last night. The only potential candidate who refuses to attack the others is Michael Bloomberg. With a massive barrage of TV ads in states with later primaries, the Bloomberg attack is focused on the Trump constitutional and policy disaster and continues to point to lies, lies, and more Trump lies - spotlighting the continuous Trump propaganda con game strategy.
Still, the Democratic candidates have diminished in number over these past several months, including Senator Booker. The Democratic Party schism and combat has become more severe and is growing an issue-based and deepening "chasm" as those competing continue to define themselves and the differences that separate the candidates. The growing split is between those described as the "center-moderate" candidates, and the "left-liberal" wing. Like "Continental Drift" these two camps are drifting further and further apart. Prior to the early caucus and primary states, candidates have been more firmly anchored to their policy positions. Public awareness and understanding increased, and candidate commitment grew as well. What has been revealed to date are their concerns and displays evidence of a growing split in the Democratic Party. If it continues to grow, to heat up, and the attacks become outright war, this trend could then re-elect the White House Horror - Donald Trump I. Lets look at the data.
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Aside from the Single-Digit Group (SDG) who stand at about 10-14 points added together (4-7 candidates), the 5 leading Democratic candidates break into two camps. The "Center-Moderate" (CM) group includes Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar. The "Left-Liberal (LL) group is composed of two - Sanders and Warren. The recent Iowa Caucus activity displayed the following: LL at 44.1% and CM at 54.3%. Current polling in New Hampshire by the Boston Globe reports the following: the CM three at 43% and the LL pair at 37%. 10% falls to the SDG and 10% remain unassigned/undecided. The Centrists, especially if Bloomberg, Duval Patrick, Bennet, and Gabbard are added to the count adding some 7 points - brings the Centrist total to 50% vs. the LL at 44% with Steyer and Yang added. My point is that our hope for the future and the defeat of Trump this fall calls for a united effort of all those in opposition to the pretender to the American Throne - Trump. The current "drift" reveals a split - right down the middle. That split presents a threat to our ability to save this nation from further destruction and the continued dismantling of the progress made over the late decades of the 20th Century and the first decades of the 21st. Will those in the battle re-focus their aim on the enemy, Trump? Will they outline their vision for the future of America and the outrageous shortcomings of the current wealth-driven con man? Can they heal the wounds already inflicted on the anti-Trump effort and steer the electoral ship away from the Republican rocks and to a better future with secure and available healthcare? Recognize and protect human rights and women's rights? Cast discrimination and hate aside? Stamp out racism? Stop gun violence? Expand and protect voting rights? Reach out a helping hand to those in need? Protect and expand Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid? Rebuild America's infrastructure? Adopt a Living Wage policy and supportive laws to benefit working families and not the most wealthy Americans with little need? These... and much more.... work for a much better and advancing American future... with a new and refreshing President at the switch. Who might that be? Tucked into the three CMs? Or, the 2 LLs? Or, will yet another CM - Duval or Bloomberg break out of their late start campaigns and join the 5 front-runners, pulling ahead and over the finish line??? The nation's next President certainly cannot be and must not be madman Donald J. Trump!
Stand for America's future... stand for our Democracy .... stand WITH each other... and in unity against Trump.... If we do this...we can pull back from the brink... the "eve of destruction"..., and return to a path of progress, electoral success, and correcting the course of the ship of state... with one objective in mind.... to save our Nation!
Stand Up! Speak Out! Resist! Persist! March On!
Tick-tock..... 2020
Bobby J

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


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The McConnell Plan - Three blind mice....  and 53 Republican Senators

In case you missed this one... There will be a Senate "Juror's" vote shortly to determine whether or not the "Impeachment Trial" - by majority Senate vote (51) - will admit subpoenaed documents and witness testimony as evidence. As you know, Moscow Mitch has refused to let that happen to shorten the media-saturated "trial" and to work hand-in-hand with the accused Psycho Trump and his "defense team" of attorneys. McConnell publicly pledged to prevent the submission of damaging evidence, and placed himself in the position of a "juror" committed to exonerating the accused in violation of his special juror's oath administered by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Moscow Mitch leads the way to EXONERATION!
McConnell's position as Republican "Leader" of the Senate, places him in the highest position of "influence" - if not control - as related to the other Republican Senators and also has control of the Senate agenda. He promised King Trump that he would prevent the submission of documents and testimony that could injure the "Defendant" - Trump. A juror's collusion with the Defendant is a serious violation of jurisprudence if not a criminal act. And, in the real world, could very well be an illegal act, subject to indictment and prosecution. Is this really where you want to be? Especially, if you are up for election this fall?

Hear no evil... see no evil.....
What is McConnell's goal? Shorten the "trial"? Avoid damaging "evidence" and/or witnesses testifying against Defendant Trump? Hide convincing evidence that may certify the guilt of the accused? And, as "Leader of the Republican Pack", corral "not guilty" votes regardless of the evidence presented, and exonerate Trump? This - as the behavior of a juror in any courthouse across America would result in a removal, arrest, and potential prosecution of the "bought and paid for" juror. If Senators were also subject to Impeachment and Removal from office due to serious violations and/or improper behavior in violation of their oath of office, McConnell would be subject of REMOVAL.... But, the US Constitution has no provision or reference to a Senate Member impeachment/removal procedure, regardless of their outrageous behavior in violating their Oath of Office and the Oath taken and sworn to as an Impeachment Juror. The only available removal process for Senators - and House Members - is an election. Along with 1/3 of the sitting Senators, McConnell is on the ballot this year, standing for re-election to his current office along with 23 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Will the sitting Republican Senate "Jurors" be LEMMINGS... and follow Trump and McConnell off a judicial and electoral cliff???
The Trump - McConnell Plan - See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing...  TWEET SOMETHING!
Fingers crossed.... that the McConnell Kentucky electorate finds Moscow Mitch "guilty" and sends him off to join Trump and others turned out of office and shunned by fair-minded American voters this fall.
Stand Up! Speak Out! Resist! Persist! March On!
Tick- tock..... 2020
Bobby J

Thursday, January 23, 2020


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January 21, 2020..... And, here we go... the House Articles of Impeachment were delivered last week..... And, then Moscow Mitch launched the Senate Impeachment Trial. The very first MC CONNELL MOVE was the unveiling of the PROCEDURAL RULES that will be the basis of the Trial. Unlike the Clinton Impeachment Trial Rules that were adopted as agreed to by both sides of the isle 21 years ago, the debate over the McConnell Rules will be long, aggressive, and filled with verbal bombast. Initially denying any document or evidence submission for the record or the testimony of any witnesses in the presentation of the Articles Impeachment Case by the House Managers, the recommended procedure looks nothing like any "trial" in the nation.  In fact, Moscow Mitch announced that the current RULES that he proposed are fashioned on the Clinton Rules that were adopted on a 100-0 vote 20+ years ago.  A MC CONNELL LIE....NONSENSE.  
At that time, Clinton did not block or assert or hide behind "Executive Privilege", and supplied more than 90,000 pages of documents as requested.  Testimony, Senior Staff Q and A, and a mountain of documents were all provided during the Clinton Impeachment investigation, House adoption of the Articles of Impeachment, and submission during the US Senate Impeachment Trial. In this issue, Trump is hiding behind his claimed above-the-law status that prevents testimony from those in the know and/or preventing the submission of documents that will bear on the allegations contained in the Impeachment Articles. NO MAN OR WOMAN IS ABOVE THE LAW! 

LIE NUMBER 15,436......
Still, after the initial presentations - submitting the charges and then presenting the president's defense - a vote may be held to determine whether or not to subpoena witnesses and/or to submit documents as evidence that may be weighed regarding the charges alleged and defended. This procedure - exactly what Trump wanted - to sink this Impeachment Trial as quickly as possible, will come to a vote. 51 Senate votes will determine whether or not witnesses and documents will be submitted for the Senate Record and form the basis for a judgment vote of the entire body... McConnell recommended that his draft "procedure" be adopted.... and it was - on a vote of 53-47.  Several Schumer amendments to the McConnell process that would allow for subpoenas for a set of documents and witness testimony from those who have first hand knowledge of the events that form the basis of the Articles of Impeachment adopted by the House, were all defeated on the same vote 53-47 - a strict party split. 
Take your best guess...... Yet another Senate vote will be held to revisit the issue of both document and witness subpoenas - right after the presentations of the House Managers and the defense of Donald Trump by the Attorney representing the Impeached President. Time will tell......

Another Article will follow....  and focus on the presentation of the ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT by the  House Managers.....  Later, a focus on the defense of Trump by the President's Attorney's.  

Stand Up! Speak Out! Resist! Persist! March On!
tick-tock..... 2020
Bobby J

Friday, January 17, 2020


American citizens from the four corners of the nation call for changes in federal law.  They write, call, visit, march, demonstrate, voice, and persuade their House Members and their Senators to pass a new law, amend a proposal under debate, vote for/against a proposed bill or take a position on a change in regulatory rules. They ask their elected representatives to sponsor, co-sponsor or vote for their wants and needs or to take a position that reflects their voice. After all, these elected folks should REPRESENT THOSE WHO ELECTED THEM.  Isn't that what the American Democracy expects? The reason that we have elections in the first place?  The sensible periodic elections to "check" those that we sent to DC to represent us?  Of course, you agree... and the answer to these questions is that the electeds should be... and must be... our voice in the halls of government.  So, are they???? And, are those chosen to "lead" in their respective Chambers of power exercising their ability to reflect the needs and voice of those who's agenda they serve?  Let's take a look.....

Moscow Mitch McConnell has represented the people of Kentucky for decades. Poll after poll and study after study reflect their wants and needs.  National statistics - state by state - reveal the strengths or shortcomings of each state and suggest where they need attention and what issues are essential for an agenda that would benefit them. Need health care?  New Roads and rail in infrastructure?  Job growth and incentives because of high unemployment?  Educational investments to uplift the skills of those who call their state home?  Stacks and stacks of studies shared throughout the Halls of Congress, the desks of federal Cabinet Secretaries, the State Capitol occupants and the general public have been published. A quick peek will reveal the contours of the needs of each state and suggest steps or actions that should be taken to address these needs. So,  all of us - constituents of the electeds and resident voters of our towns, cities, and states - should expect that our "leaders" care about and KNOW what we want and need.  The Electeds SHOULD ACT to implement changes that will lead their constituents - us - to the "promised land" of advancement, opportunity and well-being. Are they so doing?????
The House of Representatives has acted.  The House passed hundreds of bills in the last year - many with bi-partisan support.  The legislation covers medical care, prescription cost control and reduction, infrastructure projects, military contracts, job expansion, and much, much more. Each one, as required by the US Constitution, is passed onto the other House - in this case, the Senate - for consideration, modification, amendment, and a vote - up or down - in each case.  Bills originating from a House of Congress that has 435 members, numerous committees, and extended debate before a vote can certainly be far more efficiently considered in the Senate with simply 100 members - less than 1/4 of the House Member population.  But, rather than refer each House-passed bill to a Senate Committee for a hearing, consideration/modification if required, and a vote up or down to send to the Senate floor for a debate and vote of the full Senate, the Republican Senate leader, Moscow Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, has locked more than 400 House adopted Bills in his desk... and has swept many other House-adopted Resolutions under his "rug."  
McConnell with Trump hair on end.
Who does Mitch McConnell represent?  What are their wants and needs?  What do the studies reveal? What are his interests? What feedback does he get from his constituents? Concerns?  Interests? These are questions that are difficult to answer if they depend on the calls and letters that McConnell receives from his constituents in Kentucky.  For me, a resident of the upstate New York countryside, in a town with a population of just 1800, I can't tell you.  But, Mitch should be able to do so. Does he?  Is he aware? I Assume so... after all, he has represented Kentucky in the Beltway for some 35 years to date. But, if he has been isolated in DC all this time and has had little Kentucky experience in decades, perhaps he is a "Leader" in the Beltway "swamp" in DC and not an advocate of his home state of Kentucky. Does he serve Kentuckians? Or, is he serving something or someone else?  Lets take a look at his record of responding to the needs of Kentucky through a number of studies that address the standing of Kentucky as compared to all of the American States and see how much attention he focuses on those that he represents and the record of achievement that he has accumulated over his three+ decades of service.

On review of the statistics comparing Kentucky's rank in performance in a variety of categories to other US States, McConnell's performance over 35 years isn't looking so good.  Kentucky ranks extremely LOW in job opportunity, education and higher education (skill development and advancement), healthcare in both availability and quality.  With a bad economy, the state of Kentucky also faced fiscal instability with shortfalls in  revenue that prevents the State from taking actions or making investments that address these needs.  And, that leads us to the McConnell door.  If the State can't do it because it runs on very thin fiscal ice, then the Federal Government is the only solution or partner that can help Kentucky recover. So, why is Mitch not behaving as "Kentucky Mitch?" Why is he "Moscow Mitch?" If not responsive to Kentucky's needs as the highest ranking elected official in the Federal Government and as the "Leader" of the US Senate, then who is his "constituency???  Would Kentucky and its citizens benefit from the 400+ House-passed bills stuffed in his desk and under the rug?  Of course they would benefit.  So, why is Kentuckian McConnell preventing a Senate debate and vote on these measures? The answer lies in his own comments as to why he as Senate "Leader" has constructed a permanent "blockade" to House measures, regardless of the benefits that Kentuckians would receive along with all other American citizens - healthcare access, reducing prescription costs, much needed infrastructure projects and jobs, individual rights and protections, educational investments and advancements, and much more.  Instead, McConnell posted and pressured for adoption a repeal of the ACA medical insurance coverage law, regardless of the fact that more than 100,000 Kentuckians would lose access to Obamacare and be cast adrift in dealing with illness in their family.  

And, he supported a tax cut for the most wealthy Americans and the most profitable Corporations - a 50% reduction in taxes for them... and next to nothing for us.  Instead, McConnell announced the presence of a new deficit record of nearly $1 TRILLION IN 2019 - a new national record!  His effort and vote created an ocean of red ink and a deficit accumulation.  McConnell announced the need to control costs driven by the deficit created and, instead of restoring the revenue rug that was pulled out by the tax cut, he outlined an alternative deficit solution. The McConnell alternative? Reduce Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security!  How does this help Americans?  How does it help his constituents in Kentucky?  You will have to call McConnell.....

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, when questioned why he would not refer the House-passed legislation to the Senate Committees for review and final committee vote and then a Senate floor vote - up or down - has a simple answer. McConnell's answer reveals just who McConnell represents in exercising his substantial power as "Leader" of the US Senate. His comments were simple and clear. He announced in a press conference that he would not "post" any legislation that "President Trump would not sign."  The explanation was, "why waste the Senate's time?" Incidentally, King Trump appointed McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation for the United States in early 2017. With a BA from Mount Holyoke and an MBA from Dartmouth College and Harvard, she has had little education or experience in Transportation and continues to sit in the Secretary Chair. So, it seems, evidently, that Moscow Mitch sees his one-and-only constituent as King Trump! And, as Senate "Leader", McConnell takes his "orders" and agenda from one source,  his Majesty, King Trump.  He is the Psycho King's singular "Lord Baron" and takes direction from just one source - the American Dictator - and not from his constituents in Kentucky. Go back to the Kentucky chart and you can see the quality of his performance having represented Kentucky in the US Senate for 35 years. Does he work for them? Or, like his hero - King Trump - does he operate on self-interest alone? You can figure it out for yourself.  Hopefully, the voters of Kentucky can do the same.  

This year - 2020 - in addition to his "boss", Psycho King Trump, McConnell is on the Kentucky ballot standing for re-election to his seat in the Senate.  What do you think the Kentucky voters should do?  Or, will they actually elect someone who will take pride in representing their wants, their needs, and their interests and not his/her own or King Trump?  Vote for McConnell... again??? Or, for another Kentuckian who will stand up for them. Should they see that McConnell stands for his own interests and for the Trump agenda ALONE. It's time.  Tick-Tock Mitch....  See you in November, 2020.....


Tuesday, December 31, 2019


From what is called “the Laffer Curve”, named after a 1980s “trickle down” and "Supply-Side" economist Arthur Laffer, the nonsense-spinning Republicans latched onto the “trickle-down” theory as their excuse to cut taxes on the rich. Laffer, the economist, developed the "trickle-down" theory in 1979 and, beginning in the early-80s, the Republicans picked up the theory and used it as a cudgel. The very first massive tax cut for the rich occurred in 1986 and was signed into law by Ronald Reagan as top rates were cut from the max at 70 percents down to 35 and provided a massive benefit for the wealthy based on the "trickle down" theory.  The main premise? The rich would sprinkle - like confetti - cash on the Middle Class and working families to lift up those of limited income and financially stressed to a new middle class rank at successful income levels. NONSENSE!  The economic promise of a "trickle down" stimulus and expansion became a FAILURE. Revenue collections were reduced, the national debt shot up, and government programs were threatened with termination as a result of growing federal deficits.   The Trump family smiled.... as their bank accounts bulged... 

After all, the Republican Party historically represented the rich and corporate interests throughout the 20th Century while the Democrats supported initiatives and investments on behalf of working families, organized labor, and for programs that protected, uplifted, educated, and advanced opportunity for the poor in America. The FDR years, the Harry Truman, JFK, and LBJ years expanded opportunity, adopted social safety net support, educational advancement, voting rights, civil rights, and human rights programming in the Democratic years.  Economic investments in infrastructure improvement and expansion in road and rail - similar to the Eisenhower (R) National Highway construction projects - expanded job growth and opportunity for American veterans returning from service during the wars - WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. Home ownership grew as did the Middle Class. Healthcare was also a Democratic focus from FDR and Medicare, to LBJ and after in Medicaid - assisting those of limited or modest income and retirees receiving limited Social Security. 

The next series of  Republican tax cuts resulted from the re-birth of “trickle down” in response to a mild tax increase on wealth signed by Bush I responding to mounting deficits, Defense Department needs, and to protect threatened cuts in Social Security and Medicare. Later, with growing deficit pressure in DC, by the time Clinton left office after two successful terms in building the economy and reducing  deficits, Bush 2 promised and signed yet another “trickle down” tax reduction. Though not a massive tax cut, revenue loss and economic slowdown resulted in program and funding stress, as well as freezing or trimming program funding. One financial drain became the Middle East wars - Desert Storm I, Desert Storm II, and the initial wars in Afghanistan.  Not funded by “revenue” increases but by a theft of Social Security cash assets with a long-forgotten promise to return the money borrowed from the Trust Fund to sustain the war, cash drain continues to this day. Repayment to the Social Security Trust Fund was never done.... The Bush II administration led to yet another economic failure and a severe recession.  After a Supreme Court intervention denied Al Gore the Presidency.... and resulted in Bush II - Term II, the manufacturing sector crashed, especially the auto industry, layoffs suffered massive growth. Enter Barack Obama on January 20, 2009 with hopes and a plan for a better future in resolving the recession, saving the economy, restoring our nation, and curing our healthcare shortfall. 

Obama, first elected in 2008 in the face of a steep recession, and re-elected in 2012 and serving as a two-termer, was universally blocked by the Republicans in the House and Senate. Then led by Magical Moscow Mitch in the Senate and the Tea party Caucus with Speaker Paul Ryan in the House, every Republican Budget adopted in the House, threatened or slashed social programs - including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Their “spin” was to reduce deficit growth by social program cuts that would support increased funding of military expansion in contracts for the development of and addition to military weaponry. In the early 1960s, Republican President and WWII leader Dwight Eisenhower warned us not to endlessly “feed” the “military-industrial complex.” But, from 1990 to present day, Republicans ignored Ike’s “Farewell Address.” ANOTHER FAILURE. And, the Trump family smiled..... as the bank accounts bulged....

With the exception of the narrow adoption of the AMA - "Obamacare" medical insurance coverage was expanded to tens of millions of Americans who suffered without health coverage.  Lives were saved and more than 20,000,000 Americans covered.  Other initiatives, including a Supreme Court nominee to fill an existing vacancy by Moscow Mitch, were blocked by McConnell and the House Tea Party Republican members who laid in plans to unleash America's wealth - both individual and corporate through campaign investments and "Super PACs" - to secure the Presidency and add to their control of the House and Senate come the election of 2016. After a decade and more of gerrymandering state and federal legislative districts, the "wealth control plan" jelled. And, with the election of  Donald Trump came yet another raucous laughing fit as the income tax rates on the wealthiest folks and the taxes on corporate profits were slashed in half - 30% to 15%! Come 2017, wealth Republican investments were rewarded. Once again, based on the “trickle down” theory that repeated the failed argument that income growth and “release” from revenue collections would result in sharing new-found cash with those in need through job expansion (happened) and wage/earnings growth (didn’t happen), supply-side economics has failed. Obviously, a “rise” in the Middle Class and in working families did not take place.... and the minimum wage was not increased one dime. Instead, wealthy companies taxes were halved or eliminated, and the cash was used to buy-back their stock in massive numbers, increasing the stock price substantially, enriching the officers and the Corporate Board Members, enriching the wealthy with massive stock investments, and resulting in long lines at the yacht store.  Another result has been a growing the chasm between rich and poor in this country - the greatest gap in more than 100 years. Here is an example..... Last year - 2018 - Amazon made more than $11.2 Billion in PROFIT in 2018 compared to $5.6 in 2017.  PROFIT, not overhead outlay...., and paid no taxes at all - and, refunded $129 million withheld during the year! NO TAX AT ALL!  And, now....a massive federal revenue shortfall and deficit growth to new record highs - $1 TRILLION DEFICIT IN 2019 ALONE! 

And, again, the Trump family smiled .... all the way to the bank.... Ever wonder why Trump will not release his tax returns? Why he and his family are fighting every subpoena to secure this information, personal or corporate, in every Court, state and federal? Well.... now YOU KNOW.

Trump argued that his "tax cut", again based on the old school "Laffer Curve" and Trickle Down economics plan - a plan that had failed over and over in the 1980s, the 1990s, and the 2000s - would eliminate the federal deficit through "seeding" economic growth and would result in increased federal revenue collections, based on the infusion of corporate cash and a giant tax cut for the wealthy.  Investments would expand the economy, jobs, and revenue. Trump promised that such a plan would shrink the deficit down to nothing in just 4 years! Nevertheless, that   TRUMP LIE number 15,403 resulted in a DEFICIT BLAST OFF over the last three years as the DEFICIT ROCKETED TO NEW HISTORIC HIGHS. This past year, the deficit surged and HIT A NEW DEBT RECORD OF ONE TRILLION DOLLARS FOR ONE YEAR - 2019.  The Obama deficit in 2016 stood at $585 Billion - nearly 1/3 the deficit level compared to $1.4 Trillion in 2009 a 40% reduction by 2012 to $1 Trillion and down to $585 Billion in 2016. On the Trump-train in 2017 celebrating the massive tax cuts for the wealthy, while champagne corks "popped", and gold-laced parties of American Billionaires celebrated at the Mar-a-Lago Club, the federal debt deficit exploded in 2018 and 2019.... and saddled the nation... and the future .... with ever-growing Trump-created debt. Based on cash "gifts" to millionaires, billionaires, and high-wealth corporations, the deficit went through the fiscal roof!  Moscow Mitch McConnell threatened Social Services - including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid - to reduce the deficit growth, infuse military contracts with borrowed cash, avoid infrastructure investments and projects as "too expensive", and, instead, build an unnecessary 3000 miles wall on the southern border.  And, a continuous effort to reduce/eliminate healthcare benefits and other social supports for tens of millions of Americans  in need goes on and on..... 

On the Trump Train... and at the Mar-a-Lago Club... the smiles grew into raucous parties and celebrations......  $500,000 for membership please..... And, the Trump family smiled.....
The Trump Administration, off the DEEP END, is sinking....
TICK-TOCK!  2020
Stand Up! Speak Out! Resist! Persist! March On!  

Bobby J                  

Monday, December 23, 2019


off we go...... 
Moscow Mitch - the man who has put the brakes on legislation... more than 300 pieces of legislation passed by the House, many bi-partisan - have been held up and locked in his desk. McConnell had announced that he would not post any legislation that Trump doesn't support... and has FLUSHED bills that help the citizens of this nation. These include the Equality Act, the American Dream Act, the Gun Registration Act, the Healthcare Protection for Pre-existing Conditions bill, an Act to Negotiate and Lower Prescription Costs, the Climate Change Act, the Violence Against Women Re-authorization Act, an increase in the Minimum Wage - first in a decade, and many more (see my blog next week). Nevertheless, Moscow Mitch - in a legislative wreckage conspiracy with our presidential LOON - Trump - has refused to permit the Senate to vote on any of these things AND MORE.
Yet another outrage is being acted out with King Trump and the Head Baron of the Senate, conspiring with the IMPEACHED/ACCUSED DICTATOR and nut bag Trump, announced that the Impeachment "Jury" - the US Senate is refusing to conduct a FAIR TRIAL, with witness testimony and the submission of evidence for consideration by the jury - members of the US SENATE as defined by the Constitution. According to the CONSTITUTION DENIER McConnell, screw the Oath that all of the Jurors will need to take as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court swears in the Jurors, he and the other Republicans should ignore the oath and, instead, forget holding a legitimate trial and find Trump NOT GUILTY... based on nothing at all except that is what Trump wants! Moscow Mitch has joined with Impeached Trump in trashing the US Constitution. Both of these "GRIM REAPERS" - trashing the Constitution and numerous legislative initiatives, ignoring the provisions of the Founding Fathers as they appear in the CONSTITUTION, and steering the ship of state onto the Constitutional rocks, should be removed, prosecuted, and jailed for their massive attempts to destroy the American Democracy.
The TIME HAS COME to strip this nation of the HORROR SHOW led by both of these graveyard gravediggers. A proper impeachment trial should be conducted with evidence submitted and with witnesses called and questioned. A proper jury consideration should take place in the Senate, following the oath that they will all be required to recite as the trial begins as required by the Constitution. And, at the end, they should vote a verdict based on their conscience, and not the Trump/McConnell Conspiracy. IMPEACH TRUMP... AND DISMISS MC CONNELL.