Monday, November 2, 2020



As I write this Article, early voting on-site has ended.  And, 19 hours from now - at 6 AM, the Polls open in NY State for Election Day.  At this hour, some 93 MILLION VOTES HAVE BEEN CAST! Compared to the last Presidential in 2016, this pre-election vote count is nearly double the early vote cast 4 years earlier and some 68% of the total cast that year. Virtually all of the states have surpassed their comparable 2016 votes and a number of states - North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia - have surpassed 91% or more of their 2016 total vote cast! In Hawaii and Texas, both have already surpassed the total votes cast in 2016... and here comes Election Day!  In Texas, 9.6 million early votes have been cast as of last Friday - more than 700,000 more ballots than were cast in 2016! And, that explains why the Texas Republicans have filed suit to eliminate 127,000 votes cast at drive-throughs approved by the Texas Board of Elections in Harris County - a Dem stronghold. 

BREAKING NEWS! On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court - all Justices there Republicans - ruled against the Texas Republican party case and ordered that the votes are legitimate and shall be counted!

Another sidebar observation is that the youth voters are turning out in droves compared to past elections. People 18-29 have turned out to vote early - a "skyrocket" according to a Tuft's University Report this past weekend. This was particularly true in "battleground" states such as Michigan, Florida, and North Carolina. Soon, we will discover the impact of this generational "transition." 

Meanwhile, tomorrow the Election Day "Beat" goes on. Regardless of lines, crowds, harassment, and attempts to suppress the turnout, the voters will vote and the election will be done, booked, and won.... though subject to challenge.... Your angst - and mine - why? And, what is to follow?  Will the House survive?  Will the Senate remain with Moscow Mitch at the switch? Or, will the Senate change from Red to Blue with a new majority of Democrats in charge? Can we win enough of the swing states for our Senate candidates to take up control of the upper House in the Congress? Or, will we come close - but fall short.... win the Presidency for Joe Biden but find that Moscow Mitch McConnell can remain in the position of Majority Leader and continue to frustrate the agenda that we support to beat the virus, and to "BUILD BACK BETTER" as Biden has often announced?  

As has been witnessed by us all, the Trump "gang" - Proud Boys, fake-militia, the Texas Trump "Rangers", and other Right-Wing radicals continue to attempt to suppress the vote. Blocking early voting failed - though made less convenient than possible. Filing numerous suits in state and federal courts to impede or disqualify votes legally cast.... so far, failing. And, setting up to challenge the outcome, state for state, alleging "voter fraud" and "fake votes" cast by illegal immigrants and the dead voting from cemeteries. Trump's greatest fear is the driving issue - THE COVID19 VIRUS ISSUE. 

Trump has been "haunted" by the presence and spread of the virus... and by Dr. Anthony Fauci - the leading expert on viral "invasions" and pandemics. In fact, the Obama administration handed over a 600+ page guide to fighting viral battles in the future.  This VIRUS RESPONSE GUIDE - included options, preparations, and planning for a future invasion.  That took place during the transition in late 2016 and early 2017.  Trump and his staff trashed that plan, reduced investments into such an effort as well.  In Trump's view, it was completely unnecessary. After all, he was all about the economy, not healthcare!  And, his pledge - one among many - was to rid the nation of Obamacare.  After all, no sense naming Trumpcare after a Kenyan! Trump and Pence dropped the VIRUS RESPONSE GUIDE that had been built over the past administration's 8 years and several successful virus battles. Instead, they began building a useless and unnecessary Southern Wall. Once the 2020 Campaign began in 2019, the Corona Virus arrived.... and began to dismantle the health of Americans... Seattle and New York first..... and today in the South and Mid-western states. Case counts, hospital overcrowding and mortality - at 1000 a day - has skyrocketed!

The Trump response was to deny its presence... and its impact.  It would just go away... the Spring and Summer sun would eradicate the virus.... it was not serious.... he denied its presence, ignored its impact, and, recently, Trump announced that "we have turned the corner" as the virus declines... time to get back to "normal" business and open the states and schools. The Trump Plan is that what he says - goes!  Last week the White house announced that the Covid-19 virus was "ending." In a press release last week from the White House Office of Science and Technology, listed an accomplishment of Trump's first term as 'ENDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC." Lie, lie, lie.... Now he publicly charged that Doctors and hospitals are LYING to collect more money, Fauci should be terminated for "lying" and those who support the National SUPERMAN - TRUMP - should genuflect and advance. The Trump goal is to misrepresent and repeat over and over.... and people will buy into the propaganda.... Trump wants to make the election about what he wants - successes and not failures! 
Meanwhile, the Covid-19 virus continues to spread....  and has seen a dramatic increase in states that have been under Republican Governors who, in turn, have followed Trump's instructions and example - being irresponsible and ignoring the awful impact on hospitals, healthcare, kids, and adults, schools and factories, and a revenue "bleed" on the state and local levels. First responders, nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, scientists, vaccine developers, nursing facility workers and maintenance folks have been bearing the burden- and the risk - of continuing service.  New virus records have been set - 9 million cases and growing; 230,000 deaths and growing - a number greater than anywhere else on the planet against the backdrop of the most mature, creative, and effective healthcare system of any nation.  Right now, more than 1000 deaths a day and nearing 100,000 new cases identified each day as well.  Hospitals are on the brink of overcrowding, overstressed, and understaffed without adequate equipment available to deal with this denied emergency. Like the Second World War in the Pacific - primarily fought by the American Army, Navy, and Marines.... that threat to our survival and success took a positive turn at Iwo Jima and at Midway with the effort, sacrifice, and sweat of courageous Americans - putting their lives on the line in our defense and for our victory. Today, in the battle against Covid-19, there are many working and sweating, and risking their own lives to win this battle for our survival against a deadly and invisible enemy - the Corona 19 virus.  This is THE ISSUE that stuck! This is the FRONT LINE of the battle for the future!  Join us.... and VOTE TOMORROW!!!



Bobby J





Thursday, October 22, 2020


After 4 years... still... a nowhere man....

Tick.... tock......  Tick.... tock.....  The clock ticks down to 12 days before Election Day - November 3, 2020.  Meanwhile, some 30 million votes have already been cast - by mail, absentee, or early voting - state by state.  I write this on the eve of the last of three scheduled debates - tonight.  

After Trump abused the non-partisan Debate Commission and violated the agreed-upon rules of the debate, speaking over Biden over and over again, being completely discourteous to both Biden and the debate Moderator, Chris Wallace, lying, over-stating false "facts" and ducking questions, his polling fell several points.  

Debate two was cancelled due to Trump contracting Covid. Along with Melania, his son Baron, and a variety of debate-prep staff, Trump was hospitalized for days.  Debate Two - refused by Trump - was transformed into a TV Town Hall by Biden.  Trump set up a "competing" Town Hall on TV at the very same time as the Biden Town Hall.  The Trump viewer count shrunk to 13 million while Biden scored more than 14 million viewers. Biden polling rose while Trump's counts decreased. Trump polling fell again... and Senate Republicans became nervous regarding being "pulled-down" by a negative response to the Trump candidacy. Time to bail out, grab a life-preserver, and survive the "Blue Wave."  Mc Connell and his conspiratorial Republican-Trump colleagues are separating themselves from the Trump Campaign, announcing their local representation and independence from Trump's rhetoric and mis-statements, and hope that they can keep the majority in the Senate and form the "Red Wall" that blocked Obama in the second term and will do the same in applying the policy brakes when Biden sits in the Oval Office.  In McConnell's view - Trump is a "nowhere man." 

How did Trump get there?  What has he failed to do?  What awful things has he done?  The list is MASSIVE.... And, the Republicans in the Senate supported his policy, his positions, and the hurt that Trump inflicted on the American people.  It's time to stand up, speak out, and vote them ALL out.  Lets look.....


Since January 2020, Trump has ignored the invasion and the rapid spread and mortality of Covid-19. He ignored briefings and refused to prepare for a national health emergency.  Trump stood idly by while the death toll rose... disregarding advice from the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and the rising panic of the medical community. Unlike Obama's response to SARS, ZIKA, and Ebola with a complex plan and response and the Bush administration response to AIDS and Ebola, Trump simply took no responsibility, no leadership, and took no action.  The result was frustration in the medical community, jammed emergency rooms, the rapid spread of the aggressive and deadly virus, and a complete failure that resulted in more American deaths in ten months than the warfare deaths that resulted throughout the 20th Century - added together.  5 TIMES MORE DEATHS IN 11 MONTHS THAN IN 11 YEARS IN VIET NAM...OR ALL THE WAR DEATHS AMERICANS SUFFERED IN THE 21st CENTURY!  

So, what is the Trump response?  ZERO!  In fact, the reverse applies.  Trump has trashes and took every opportunity - via the Congress and/or the Courts - to eliminate medical coverage for American citizens.  Chopping off Medicaid, threatening Medicare, and eliminating a variety of sections of the ACA (Obamacare) via legislation and court challenges, right now Trump has a case before the US Supreme Court that would repeal the ACA if his case should be successful.  

You may recall that Trump and his allies have been before the US Supreme Court twice before on the ACA.  In each case, they lost by ONE VOTE - Republican Chief Justice John Roberts, siding with the Democratic appointees.  In this pending case, with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month and the pending appointment of Amy Barrett next week, this case proceeds before the Court the following week for verbal argument and decision following.  Without RGB, what might be your guess as to the outcome?  The loss of coverage due to Trump's Supreme Court repeal of the ACA and its coverage of all with pre-existing conditions.  All this .... in the face of a rapidly growing Covid19 advance, illness, and mortality.  In his place, would you eliminate health coverage in the face of a growing and deadly virus???


Trump wanted to run on the basis of an American Economy growing steadily. That followed the collapse of the economy under George Bush.  The manufacturing sector fell, the Stock Market crashed and the auto industry in the Northwest in 2007 and 2008.  The stimulus plan initiated by the Obama/Biden administration began the long road back and ended the recession with repeating US GDP and job growth year after year, including 2016.  In fact, the Trump Presidency takes credit for continued growth that began with Obama/Biden, not Trump.  What was the Trump initiative? TAX REFORM? Even before that Act.... Trump only paid $750 (2016, 2017) on an income of millions/billions! 

Compare the job growth data from WWII to date. Note the successes and failures...

 What was the Trump Tax Act of 2017?  A BOON for the wealthy and the large corporations! Corporate profit taxes were cut in half and increased profits dramatically.  The Stock Market rose as did the Trump bank accounts! No increase in the Minimum wage, and, with the inaction in response to the viral invasion, some 40,000,000 in job losses, initial help as demanded, and complete inaction with threats to healthcare generated right now.  No funding for schools, towns, cities, states, counties that lost revenue due to the recession along with and others responsible to handle the outcome of the illness and the job losses resulting.  No thought. No Plan. No action. No caring for others.  That's Trump for you.  Caring for yourself, your friends and the allies of the Monarch - Republican Lords of the Senate and Republican Barons in the House. If I were you, come Election Day I would trade "Trickle Down" Trump for "Bubble Up" Biden! 

Not caring must lead to a consequence for Trump.... It's not a promotion for his lying and corrupt administration with more convictions of those close to him... and pardons for those who support his efforts.... It's not a reward for illegal and improper insistence of chasing, kidnapping, and killing off those who disagree, expose, and oppose your mistakes. It is the lesson learned from the "Apprentice."  For those who's actions damage the entity that you were appointed to work for and advance, as the Trump TV series demonstrated week after week......

                                                       YOU ARE FIRED!!!

It's time....  Stand Up!  Speak Out!  AND... VOTE!!!  


                                                        AND YOU ARE FIRED!!!

Bobby J


Friday, October 9, 2020

JOE BIDEN.... A PROUD MAN... STANDS UP! The... PROUD BOYS..... "Stand Down... and STAND BY..." - The Command of the Magic Monarch, Donald Trump I....


Recent post-debate polling conducted by the Wall Street Journal and, separately by CNN, resulted in a similar score.  Biden's led over Trump grew from 8-9 points higher scored BEFORE the debate.... to 16 POINTS HIGHER after the debate!  Why is this so????  Lets try on one or two or three issues.....

1. Both campaigns and candidates signed off and agreed to the rules, format, and the process - including the dates of the 2020 debates this fall.  One the first debate, Psycho Trump fails to follow the rules, abuses and bullies Biden as best as he can, over speaks Biden's responses and invades his debate time. Trump also abuses the debate Moderator, Chris Wallace, and ignores response statements periods of "uninterrupted time." The role of Benito Mussolini was adopted by the American Monarch, Trump!  Biden followed the rules, stayed within the time allotted, respected the moderator, and did not misbehave or abuse his opponent - Trump. So, though Trump wants to display "dominance" of the debate and over Biden....  who portrays the appropriate behavior for a candidate running for the Office of President?  

2. Biden was a part of the Obama/Biden effort to get the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) adopted.  As a former Senator and Vice President, Biden was assigned the task of gathering the Senate votes to make it happen and give birth to "Obamacare." The plan was extending medical coverage to more than 25,000,000 Americans who could not otherwise afford care.  The ACA also offered an extension of Medicare for working families below the poverty line - without shared cost to the states - but fully funded by the federal treasury if states wanted to extend heathcare coverage to those in poverty under their jurisdiction.  To this day, some 14 states - all Republican - have chosen NOT to expand coverage to millions of their residents - even against the backdrop of the Covid19 viral "invasion." The Affordable Care Act was signed into law on March 23, 2010 - some 10 years ago.

    In the presence of the raging Covid 19 expansion and damage to our citizens, a handful of those resisting states have recently announced that they will enter the program and provide some relief. But, Trump, on the other hand, is presently before the US Supreme Court seeking to have the ACA eliminated as "unconstitutional!" The result would be to dismantle and remove healthcare coverage from some 20,000,000 Americans, eliminate the expansion of Medicaid presently operating in 35 states, and remove those with pre-existing conditions - 120,000,000+ Americans - from required healthcare coverage that accompanied and is a major element of Obamacare (ACA). 

This case is already calendared before the Supreme Court on November 10, 2020 - just one week after the election.  And, the new Trump Nominee, Amy Barrett, already an open opponent of the ACA, may very well join the Court just before the case is heard. If Moscow Mitch has his way and Trump "jams" the Court with those pledged to HIM, this could be the destruction of healthcare across the nation.

So, Biden stands FOR the ACA and an EXPANSION OF HEALTHCARE against the spread of Covid19 illness and the death of loved ones.  Trump, on the other hand, being a central "Super-Spreader" of the contagious infection himself and the White House has become a "Red Zone" with more than 25 "victims" of the infection spread by Trump himself - in behavior and in practice. Trump is making every attempt to STRIP AMERICA AWAY FROM HEALTH COVERAGE when needed most - RIGHT NOW! So, which one portrays the appropriate caring behavior and belief for the well-being and protection of the American people?  

3.  In response to a question from the Chris Wallace, the non-partisan Debate Moderator and FOX reporter, that raised the issue of pretend militias, the KKK, Nazi Clubs, Charlottesville, White Supremacists, and racist groups, Wallace asked if Trump, as President, opposed the actions and violence resulting from their activities?  He asked if Trump viewed these actions as a threat to the political process or governmental decision-making?  Or, if he would denounce violence, racism, and white supremacy demonstrations and actions and, instead, support racial equality and appropriate equal treatment for all Americans?  Trump asked Wallace which groups he was referring to? Both Wallace and Biden responded with an example - the "Proud Boys" - a group that recently surfaced in Michigan in cammo and an armed "invasion" of the state Capitol!   This group was threatening, intimidating, armed with loaded weapons, and marched into the Michigan Legislature demanding that the Governor withdraw her Executive Orders restricting crowds, requiring masks, ordering social distance, and constricting sections of the economy that would further spread the Covid infections and deaths. 

The Trump response to Wallace's question regarding the "Proud Boys" and their seemingly violent and threatening actions in Michigan and elsewhere as an example of White Supremacists - their racism, absurd demands, and violent, inappropriate behaviors - resulted in our President announcing that they should, "STAND BACK..... AND STAND BY!" For most who witnessed this dialogue and heard Trump issuing an "order" for those who marched in Charlottesville and elsewhere - regardless of name, signs, chants, violence, being armed with guns - rifles, pistols, and military weapons - pushing and clubbing others, shooting into a crowd or crashing their car or truck through lines of peaceful marchers or demonstrators marching in peace - there was outrage! These peaceful events  are protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution.  Those rights guarantee freedom of religion, speech, and press, and the right of the people "peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Trump refused to submit to these rights and to denounce those who may act in so doing. Instead, he "ordered them to "stand back... and stand by."  Or, as pictured above.... "READY"... "AIM"....  and... what next????? Sounds like he is preparing for a response to a "lost" election......

Stand Up! Speak Out! Resist! Persist! March on!     AND VOTE!!!! November 3, 2020!


Monday, September 28, 2020


 Several issues....  do local voters care? 

And... who is the primary "rigger" of the Supreme Court???

Trump... predicts a "rigged" Democratic SCAM election on the horizon..... MUST NOMINATE A TRUSTWORTHY NEW JUSTICE! I'll bring a case to the Court and WIN by 5-4! All the new Justice must do is to genuflect and SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO ME!!! From there, history will be written... and the very first TRUMP FAMILY REIGN will commence.....

His Magical Majesty and Monarch, Ayatollah Donald I.

Now... that Trump is seeking a Supreme Court appointment replacing RBG on the fastest track than I can recall, why do so? Conservative issues? Sure. That aside, yesterday Trump announced that he must go "full bore" to prevent a 4-4 tie when he challenges the election outcome because of "VOTER FRAUD"... a "Democratic ELECTION SCAM." 

Trump explained that his interest is fueled by breaking a potential 4-4 split on the Court in considering a case involving his objection and court challenge to the "fixed" election and "fraudulent ballots" cast and counted that led to his defeat. As in the Bush/Gore case (2000) in Florida, he thinks that the Supreme Court will rule in his favor and maintain his position because he made the Justice Majority swear AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. 
Further, Trump contends that he may very well be able to encourage Red states to appoint their alternative "Presidential Electors" other than those selected by the "fake" vote totals that do not carry the anticipated Red state for him. Instead of swearing in the Democratic/Biden Electors because Biden "carried" the state, the Red legislatures should, instead, ignore the "fake" outcome and appoint Republican/Trump Electors to cast their Electoral Votes for him! TALK ABOUT PSYCHO! Tick-tock.... November 3rd, 2020.... VOTE! Bobby J STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! MARCH ON! AND - VOTE!   WAKE UP.... AND VOTE THIS MONSTER OUT! NOVEMBER 3RD!

Think about it........

1. Is the process a mess??? Appointment on the eve of an election??? With voting already underway?
2. Did they - the Republicans - especially Moscow Mitch McConnell - wildly LIE last time??? 
3. Is the nominee Way off base on available healthcare against the backdrop of the viral fire and mounting death toll?
4. Do you want the ACA health coverage trashed Via the Trump case before the SC?  Remove insurance coverage from all those with a pre-existing condition?  Say.... like 7,000,000 COVID-19 cases that will be excluded from coverage if Trump wins this case.... and, that’s why he wants his nominee to arrive on the Court before the case is decided by vote. 
5. Do you support or oppose a woman’s right to choose under certain circumstances? Rape? Incest? Loss of life? Or, just oppose pregnancy termination in the first trimester, regardless of those reasons or some other reason for a woman to control her own body? The nominee opposed Roe v. Wade and women’s rights. Do you agree and oppose Roe? 

For one reason or another - wrong process... too soon and up against the public speaking out through an election, too fast and/or without appropriate deliberation; wrong candidate due to judgement that you disagree with; or the belief that her appointment will crush access to healthcare, especially for those with a pre-existing condition - denying healthcare to 20,000,000 Americans... potentially including YOU... Should the Senate NOT support this nominee? 

If they do...  and are on the ballot this election... then we should evict them from office... for not representing our best interests.... as the oath that they swore 6 years ago outlines.  Time to act! Trump ought not be permitted to snuff out our democracy!!!

The Trump attempt to end our democracy and install himself
as the American AUTOCRAT/RULER!

TALK ABOUT PSYCHO!  Tick-tock. Nov. 3rd, 2020.... STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! MARCH ON! AND - VOTE! 

Bobby J

Thursday, September 24, 2020


Sadly, RBG has departed.... and the Magical Majesty, Donald Trump, is playing the "fill-a-vacancy-on-the-court" game. He announced that he will name his nominee for that spot this weekend... and jam the Court up with right-wing Trump-Train riders who have had their ticket "punched." You can bet that his nominee will have genuflected before him, taken the oath of "loyalty" to his directions and wants, and that they will support his wishes... or his protections ... on the Court as well.
Kiss the ACA goodbye - and healthcare for 20,000,000 Americans against the backdrop of the growing "spread" and death from Covid-19..... Wave so-long to Roe Vs. Wade (1973) that has recognized an American Woman's Right to Choose at an early time... and on a reasonable timetable... and for the right reasons .... to choose not to carry a child to term... while in the first trimester... Perhaps he chooses Amy Barrett, a Trump appointment to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals? Her position is deeply rooted in religious dogma, opposes Roe v. Wade, and thinks that men should rule the home with women taking their "orders." The "People of Praise" religious cult views women as "handmaids." Its members make a life-long commitment to the charismatic Christian group known as "a covenant." A former member of the group described the core value as "being completely obedient to men." In this case, does that mean "obedient" to Trump? You decide.......
Now... that Trump is seeking a Supreme Court appointment replacing RBG on the fastest track than I can recall, why do so? Conservative issues? Sure. That aside, yesterday Trump announced that he must go "full bore" to prevent a 4-4 tie when he challenges the election outcome because of "VOTER FRAUD"... a "Democratic ELECTION SCAM." Trump explained that his interest is fueled by breaking a potential 4-4 split on the Court in considering a case involving his objection and court challenge to the "fixed" election and "fraudulent ballots" cast and counted that led to his defeat. As in the Bush/Gore case (2000) in Florida, he thinks that the Supreme Court will rule in his favor and maintain his position because he made the Justice Majority swear AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE. Further, Trump contends that he may very well be able to encourage Red states to appoint alternative "Presidential Electors" other than those selected by the "fake" vote totals that do not carry the anticipated Red state for him. Instead of swearing in the Democratic/Biden Electors because Biden "carried" the state, the Red legislatures should, instead, ignore the "fake" outcome and appoint Republican/Trump Electors to cast their Electoral Votes for him! TALK ABOUT PSYCHO! Tick-tock.... November 3rd, 2020.... VOTE! Bobby J STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! MARCH ON! AND - VOTE! Bobby J

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Given Trump's history of lies, misdeeds, and failures, how does he get himself elected again... to save himself and his fortune from collapse? His view of the answer to this question was revealed in 2018 - the last election horizon. In a "peek" behind the Trump curtain in 2018, his plan was to divide the nation - gender, religion, race, sexuality, ethnic background, economic status, and more - and set them against one another.... Add flame and gasoline... Stoke the flames! GENERATE FEAR!!! And, send in the troops! All wearing MAGA HATS! "I AM THE SAVIOR OF THE NATION!!!" What a psycho.....
So, aside from the great divide between Blue and Red, Left and Right, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, and White, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and more... Trump set up a NEW THREAT! THE 2018 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CARAVAN HEADING FOR OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!!! Killers, rapists, drug traffickers, child traffickers, criminals, illiterates and worthless persons... all advancing to our border with the intent of an INVASION! DESTRUCTION! DEATH!!! But, although the Democrats running for Congressional seats in 2018 will welcome them at the border, I WILL BUILD A WALL... AND RAISE THE MOAT BRIDGE.... CLOSE THE GATE... AND THROW THEM ALL OUT! I - THE SAVIOR - WILL SAVE YOU AND YOUR TOWN FROM THE VIOLENT INVASION THAT IS ON ITS WAY... WITH DAILY REPORTS FROM THE FRONT!!! DEFEAT THE DEMS IN 2018! Well..... in record numbers, he lost that argument, and the "caravan of hundreds of thousands of "invaders from the south" never appeared..... This year - 2020 - he has "tweaked" the very same strategy - create a "story"... a "theme" based on LIES... and "FAKE NEWS"....install, encourage, feed and grow division... ignite fear of "invasion", and be the "savior" of the American way...... Define the "invaders" and the territory that requires his "protection"... and that would provide him with his votes..... America's suburbs... and women too!
BLM: BLACK LIVES MATTER.... TO TRUMP???? Nope... Not to address racism, mistreatment, or unjust "different" treatment being experienced by Black Americans. This time, to define the peaceful protesters, exercising their Constitutional rights to ";peaceable to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." (1st Amendment to the Constitution). His Magic Majesty Trump has waved his "magic wand" and transformed Black Americans and their allies into "invaders" marching and busing into peaceful communities - especially white suburbs - to loot, burn, arson, rob, rape, and kill.... His allegations are that the Black Lives Matter movement, fueled by numerous examples and instances of overarching police brutality, are simply attacks on white folks! He accuses members of the minority citizen communities of "invading" the suburbs! But, HE will save them! Just Re-elect the defender of the White Christian Community being attacked in bused-in Antifas, and Black gang members. Using the Military, the Militia, armed Militias, Homeland Security, and armed volunteers, he will send his DEFENDERS... WHITE SUPREMEISTS! GUARDIANS OF THE GATE! BUILD A WALL TO CONFINE DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, MINORITIES, AND IMMIGRANTS!
and prevent or destroy the invaders. Voters in the protected suburbs should thank his "Law and Order" behavior and determination by defeating their allies seeking power - Biden, Harris, and Democrats seeking US Senate seats. And, Pelosi? OMG says Trump.... a violent schemer defending and advocating Democratic House Members. They should apologize to the American people, stop rocking the national boat, and retreat into their destructive enclaves! It is time for all of us to STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! AND VOTE! JOIN US IN RIGHTING THE SHIP OF STATE BUILT AND SET TO SAIL IN 1789..... THE TIME HAS COME.... TO DEFEND AMERICAN DEMOCRACY AGAINST THE ONGOING ONSLAUGHT OF TRUMP AND HIS ALLIES! MARCH ON!!! Bobby J