Tuesday, September 27, 2022




                   SEND IN THE CLOWNS... SEND IN THE CLOWNS.... (Judy Collins, 1975) 

The GREAT DEBATE currently underway across all the media outlets regarding the outcome of the November Election is that the race is tight. That either political party - Republican or Democrats - could score a win in either or both Houses of the Congress.  Afterall, we are in the midst of a mid-term election... and mid-term elections have a history of the incumbent President's party loses seats in both. If that holds up statistically this season, the Republicans may gain control of either or both Houses!  Should that occur, you can bet your bottom dollar that McConnell in the Senate and McCarthy in the House WILL BLOCK ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING proposed by President Biden and the Democrats. After all, that is what happened to President Obama - every proposal blocked, including the nomination of Merrick Garland to be appointed to a Supreme Court vacancy, as blocked by McConnell. Garland currently serves as US Attorney General. 

So, the question is - will the current polling data showing a "tight race" across the nation indicate the likelihood that the Republicans will win one Congressional Chamber - House or Senate - or both? Will we "Send in the Clowns?" I think not, especially if moderate and liberal Democrats take the battle to the field of play and make the case that the far-right Republicans have attempted - and continue to attempt - to alter our democracy into a corporatist and theocratic autocracy! Something NOT TO DO! And, you may ask... why would we "take the field" and what is the basis of rejecting "clown car candidates?" The answer to these questions lies in the validity of data sources and the issues tested. 

                                                                  POLLING DATA


Over the last 20 years, off-year elections have shown two important elements.  The first is that the data shows and the election results reflect that the incumbent President's party loses seats in the House, the Senate, or both. The second - best displayed in the 2016 election polling - is that the numbers 90 days out and then the week before the vote were way off the mark. The Trump win came as a complete surprise, if not a total shock.  The outcome did not reflect the polling data?  Why was that? The answer lies in how valid the polling data base surveyed may have been. What is the source of the lists of voters called in the conduct of the poll undertaken? Is the data base "tilted" in one way or another and is the outcome predictable? Consider the following... the "data desert" displayed above... This time, off year in 2022...

POINT ONE: IS THE DATA BASE AN EQUAL AND RANDOM SELECTION OF THE SURVEY TARGETS?  What has made polling efforts more and more difficult and less accurate in the past decade and more is the gradual transition from published telephone land lines to unpublished cell numbers. As the ability to make contact was diminished, is the poll accuracy impacted? Polling during the 2016 campaign was considerably off base - likely for these very reasons - a large number of registered folks with cell phones fell off the data base. This year - once again - there are those who question poll accuracy. In my opinion, here is a good example... 


Since this past Summer and the US Supreme Court decision that reversed Roe v. Wade after 50 years that guaranteed women the right to make their own choices about their future (more on this later), a massive "rumble" began to take place in voter registration and activism. Since that decision, the very first "test" of that ruling took place in "Ruby Red" Kansas... Poll data at that point indicated that the Kansas electorate would likely vote in favor of banning abortions in the state.... Let's see... 

The Republican State Legislature in Kansas placed a referendum on the ballot for August 5, 2022 - just last month! Their purpose was to confirm the Supreme Court decision that states could chart their own course on the women's "Right to Choose" and that the Kansas Legislature would make their choices for them - OUTLAW THE WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE!  If the referendum had been adopted in this deep "Red" state, the Supreme Court's decision to deny women their healthcare rights would be sustained as Kansas women would be denied their right to choose. To me - AN OUTRAGE! 

The statewide referendum was held on August 5th - an unusual date that was selected by the anti-woman element in the Kansas Legislature - believing that the voter turnout would be reduced and that the referendum to deny women's rights would easily pass. HELLO!!! Women in Red Kansas STOOD UP, SPOKE OUT, AND MARCHED TO THE POLLS TO EXPRESS THEIR HEALTHCARE RIGHTS AND THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE. The Supreme Court, the Kansas Red Legislature, and those wanting to deny women their ability to choose - LOST.  The vote for Women - and the right to choose - was upheld on a 60/40 vote! This was a 50% "Blue" difference in a "Red" state!!! This outcome simply did not match the poll data as reported! 

One important reason for that outcome - beyond Women's Rights - was that women's anger that resulted from the Supreme Court reversing Roe v. Wade (1973) ignited a heavy registration and engagement "fuse." Right across the board - urban, suburban, and rural women headed for their county HQ to register and vote. Many of those already registered - Republican, Democrat, or Independent, were "STOKED" to vote in the referendum. The result was a dramatic increase in voter registrations - especially women, and in a voter turnout far exceeding the expected number of votes cast. The late poll data in Kansas reported that the margin could go either way... the "split" was thin. Well... it wasn't. The referendum vote went 60% for women's rights and 40% against. In this case, the poll data demonstrated a substantial error - a 50% error rate!

As pointed out above, the polling DATA BASE was created, printed, and shared as close to the election as possible.  That means months before... and well before the new voter registrations are recorded in broad data. And, who made up the "sea" of new registrations? PISSED OFF WOMEN! Others were young folks who had not registered but wanted to preserve their democracy and their rights to choose! Both of those data cohorts were not in the polling data bases used for polling. Add to that that phone landlines are rapidly evaporating and replaced by unregistered cell phones. Those cell numbers are not in a directory and, upon calls received from an unrecognized number ( a polling source) are less likely to be picked up or responded to. That means that newly registered and active pissed off women and younger voters cannot be reached or recorded.... but, they voted in Kansas and, in my view will vote come November - even as they avoid their inclusion in polling. Poll data was skewed due to the absence of angry women and young new registered voters with cell phones.  

POINT TWO: What does all that mean? 

Voters not in current polling data base materials will, in fact, vote but are not represented in the polling outcomes as reported. And, as evidenced by the Kansas example, are heavily weighted BLUE and against RED.  Is this "all she wrote?"  Nope! Other HOT ISSUES DRIVE VOTERS! Issues that make them stand up, speak out, and vote! Registration comes first... and that added to the flaws and MIAs in the polling data. Some of those issues - aside from Women's Choice which is the hottest of hot buttons - include the "Insurrection", sedition, and attempted Coup that took place on January 6th, 2021; Trumpian and Q-Anon lunacy; gun registry and restrictions - "do the right thing" with weapons of war. The passed gun legislation adopted reasonable rules for the possession of lethal guns, artillery, bombs, and more to prevent death and destruction currently at unheard of levels - far beyond other nations on the globe. Today - in the US - there are more guns in circulation than the entire population of this nation. Another negative that is growing is the Trumpian lies, fraud, tax evasion, record theft of TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS, and much more.  Just ask Cheney.....  

And, what did the Republicans in the Senate and House oppose - aside from a Woman's Right to Choose?  A great leap forward in gun control.  Not, making AKs illegal - the Republicans blocked that. But, other and tighter rules apply. The Republicans voted against the expansion of VA protections to address illnesses resulting from "burn pits" in war zones; an investment in overcoming climate change consequences regardless of floods and wild fires; investments in infrastructure, expansion of micro-chips at home in the US; economic expansion and deficit decrease through wealthy corporations paying their "fair share" of revenue - to invest in our future. The Republicans voted against and opposed an expansion of voting rights and a reduction in "gerrymandering." Their position has been - and continues to be - help the rich, short the poor, assist corporations with tax relief and eliminate rules and regulations, oppose control of Pharma pricing to increase profits and oppose any increase in the federal Minimum Wage - not raised in more than 20 years, deny Climate Change, oppose voting rights, and prevent the expansion of healthcare for Americans. 

Take a look at the Republican Senate Campaign Plan authored by Senator Scott (R-FL). The Scott Republican Senate Platform Plan is to reduce Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Veterans Benefits and more to a 5-year program that can be trimmed and/or eliminated every 5 years - not the permanent programs that all of us paid for over our entire working lives or during our military service. To me, this is an outrage... and to McConnell, this is a Scott program "bush" that he is hiding behind as he avoids the Scott Platform....

More on these other issues in the next pre-election day postings.  These postings will equip you with the data and the positions that reflect the wants and needs of the American public. The "swing" in polling accuracy, massive new registrations, heavy off-year turnout, and anger in the districts has begun a process that may very well result in quite a different off-year federal election.  If I am right, the Dems will pick up seats in both Houses - as the "secret" and newly registered and unpolled voters flood the polls come the November election.  IT BEGAN WITH THE US SUPREME COURT'S REVERSAL OF ROE V. WADE AND THE TRASHING OF A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE. 

Stay tuned..... Meanwhile:




Tuesday, June 21, 2022







In 1994, Congress adopted a new law on guns.  The AK 47 and others of its ilk, were banned in the United States! When the law took effect, such war weapons were reduced... and the rate of mass murder dropped. The legislative goal under President Clinton WORKED! That American Law continued for a period with a 10-year "sunset" provision - reflecting the expiration date contained in the bill signed into US Law. The new Assault weapons ban was adopted in the House on a vote of 235-195; in the Senate 95-4; and signed by President Clinton in 1994. The debate and the adoption of the law followed a mass murder in Stockton, CA with the loss of 34 kids and a teacher and another in Killen TX at Luby's Cafeteria in 1991with 24 dead and 27 injured. The 1994 law banned "semi-automatic assault weapons" - the weapon of choice in each case noted. What impact might this new law have had on mass murder in public places - schools, markets, parks, office buildings, clubs? You can imagine that any number of studies have been conducted over the 10-year period - and after. Here is the study often cited and is the basis of the Gifford campaign to eliminate assault weaponry. 

Review this chart.  Of course, year by year, the numbers vary and the "curve" isn't smooth in any means - nor should this data be "trendy." Still, note the "dip" that took place during the 10-year ban... and the increase that followed. Even worse, note the rapid and steep INCREASE in mass murder that followed the expiration date and the NRA effort to BLOCK THE RENEWAL OF THE BAN. This chart does not include events after 2017 - the last 5 years. In that period - 2017-2022 - some 360 mass shooting deaths took place with another 800+ injuries in some 53 events. The numbers continue to rise.... During the decade period, mass murder was 70% less likely.  After the law sunset came, the death rate rose from 4.8 to 23.8....

In 2022 - we continue to match the worst year of mass murder shootings in the US - 2021. There were a total of 692 in 2021. As of June 5th this year (2022), we are on track to match 2021 and stand at 246 to date - more mass shootings than days! That trend has recurred each year since 2020... and is a part of a 3-year increase that began in 2020. Between 2019 and 2020 the number of mass shootings jumped from 417 to 610 - a 46.3% increase year over year. The number again increased in 2021 to 692. So far, this year - 2022 - 240+ mass shootings has resulted in 1357 people shot with 278 deaths. Compare to 2021 with 1293 people shot and 280 deaths in the very same period. According to the Albany Times Union (June 5, 2022) quoting the US Gun Violence Archive, "gun violence claimed the lives of 152 children under 12, and 543 teen lives. 1725 children under 18 were wounded." Also, so far this year, 21 Law Enforcement Officers - 21 good guys with guns - have been killed. These facts underscore the growing prevalence of gun violence in American life...  In the first week of June, 2022 shootings took place at graduation parties, a nightclub, a church, and a strip mall - 13 mass shootings with more than a dozen lives lost and more than 70 injured. 

Why is that "American Exceptionalism?" Negotiations continue in the US Senate... as they have for weeks if not years. The House passed a gun control bill more than a month ago... and the 50-50 Senate continues to seek the Filibuster Rule 60 vote threshold to take a new path on gun possession and use. Why is this difficult or impossible a life-and-death issue in the United States? Is gun violence common around the globe? How do we compare with other developed nations?  Let's take a look... Where is this issue and who has  a serious problem with gun bloodshed?                                                                                       


The NY Times quoted from a research report constructed by William Patterson University, NJ on May 26, 2022. The study did a count of mass shootings that had taken place between 1998 and 2019. The United States leads that list with 101 incidents followed by France in 2nd position at 8 cases; Germany 5, Canada 4; Finland 3; Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, nd the Check Republic at 2; and the rest at 1 - including the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, and others. What explains the difference between nations and their citizens? The 2020 election? Radiation?  Chemicals in the water? Economic stresses? Much more "mental illness" in the US compared to the rest of the world? Or, is the simple difference - given all of the differences in language, education, culture, and history - just access to guns and weapons of war? Do we - as the United States of America - continue to be the "shoot 'em up" Wild West?  The US Senate closed-door debate goes on.....

The Gifford Project and many other efforts to adopt the GUN CONTROL PROGRAM - especially restricting weapons of war - contain any number of debate demands.  These include the following:
  1. Thorough universal background checks for all gun purchases, including juvenile records. Eliminate any and all loopholes, including gun show sales without a background check.
  2. Increase minimum age from 18 to 21. Maturity counts. 
  3. Adopt a three day waiting period. This would allow a complete follow-up on the background check and a "cooling-off" period for anyone who buys a gun because they are angry or upset.
  4. An assault weapon ban making weapons of war - commonly used in deadly mass shootings - completely prohibited.  If adopted, at a minimum this restriction would make mass shootings less deadly, pushing determined gunmen to less effective weapons. Needless to say, this restriction would not stop a mass attack altogether, but would make it far less lethal. 
  5. Another gun limit would be either adopted in Federal Law or be passed on to the states along with a series of effective incentives.  This would encourage the adoption of "Red Flag Laws." These would be a denial of a required gun license - including training and test passage before licensing. Evidence or warning signs of violence, mental illness issues, extreme anger or stress, threatening their family, friends, co-workers, or peers in person or on social media, would prevent the sale of a gun or cause any owner gun or guns to be removed or confiscated to prevent bloodshed. 
All of these initiatives are under debate behind closed doors with a Senate Committee of 10 members - 5 Ds and 5 Rs. The beat goes on.... attacks continue... mass shootings have happened since the Committee first met.... BLOOD FLOWS.... It has got to stop!  

American Exceptionalism? For sure.... Guns, bullets, and gunpowder everywhere.... Far more than anywhere else and in every other nation. Lives lost... innocent children killed... blood shed... debate goes on....time to end this carnage....

Bobby J

Thursday, April 14, 2022




Rarely does the US Supreme Court unanimously agree on any issue before it. Although Jackson was confirmed by the Senate and will be sworn into her position on the Court, the split on the Court – Rightwing Conservative and more Liberal, individual rights-based Members – 6-3 continues.  On one recent occasion – much to the surprise of most – the Court decision fell in a near-unanimous vote of 
8-1, Thomas dissenting. The issue was a case brought by the T***p advocates to prevent the submission of White House texts, emails, and other communications during the January 6th  2021 Insurrection events to the Congress and/or the House January 6th Committee. All of the T***p appointees – all three – voted with the majority to underscore that US law, practice, and the National Archives rules and regulations require the release of “public documents” to the Congress or it’s committees seeking access to such evidence or public records.  Why would Justice Thomas be the lone dissenting vote? Keeping in mind that other issues are about to be before the Supreme Court – including the Right to Choose and other abortion issues (recall the restrictive Texas change in state law that the Court refused to enjoin pending their review of Roe v. Wade). Further issues pending include gun rights, abortion issues, healthcare, immigration matters, and more. The Supreme Court’s history of non-political, non-partisan, ands even-handed judgment regarding the issues before them, have been based on law, individual rights, and the US Constitution. So, in this recent case - public records submitted to a House Committee – why was Justice Thomas the lone dissenting vote?  Did partisanship intervene and interfere?  Let’s see…..

Only one dissenting vote - Justice Thomas???

Ginni Thomas has a long history of ultra-right conservative activism. In more than 29 conspiracy-ladened text messages, she repeatedly urges White House Chief of Staff Meadows to overturn the 2020 election! Indeed, on the brink of January 6th, she called for a “coup” and the continuation of the then-present administration and its leader, the Donald. Ginni Thomas, long a member of Q-Anon and present at the January 6th Rally aimed at preventing the Congress from officials certifying the presidential election outcome - as the Constitution outlines - through the formal acceptance of the Electoral Votes certified by each of the 50 States. Ginni urged that the US Laws and Constitution be ignored or overthrown through the House or the Senate refusing to certify the election outcome. Justice Thomas dissent was defended as “having nothing to do with” Ginni’s activism and view of the outcome….

Justice Thomas refused to recuse himself from the Supreme Court debate and vote, taking the position that he and his wife Ginni do not discuss such matters at home. Really? This is a couple who have described themselves as so close that they are “melded into one being.” Well…. Throughout their marriage, Ginni has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by conservative activist groups that have taken strong stands on issues before the court, including shinning “sunlight” on White House communications – a public record. These include abortion issues, immigration matters, gun rights, Obamacare and much more. Justice Thomas has refused to recuse himself from any of these matters even though his own household is financially and ethically compromised. He and Ginni have created the impression of “extreme bias.” He should recuse! Needless to say, he has refused to do so - at any point or on any case or issue that worked its way from the District Court to the Court of Appeals and is currently presented before the Supreme Court. So, let's ask a pertinent question - If YOU call the White House and ask for the Chief of Staff, will he get on the line? Will he or his staff take your call??? I think not.... Will your email or text (to who?) get through and "followed?" I don't think so.... So, why does Ginni Thomas have the phone number for the White House Chief of Staff Meadows and get through in texts, emails, and calls - all on the record at the White House and part of the official records? Might it be because her husband - Clarence Thomas sits in judgment on the US Supreme Court? Does the cash register "sing" when he votes on matters of concern and importance? If recused, no cash??? No dinner??? No fun???

Think about it....  Bobby J

PS: Much of this article should be credited to the source - THE WEEK MAGAZINE, April 8, 2022, page 6, "Controversy of the Week." 

Thursday, February 24, 2022



Trump... Putin and Ukraine - 2019... and today - 2022

You may recall this article HEADLINE - "UKRAINE RUNNIN' AROUND MY BRAIN..."  I first use this in late September of 2019 ... on the eve of the 2020 election year. 


"Ukraine... runnin' around my brain...."   Yup.... But, the original sound was about New York and Cocaine....  and, at my age, I cannot help but experience old "rock n' rock" song lyrics "runnin' around my brain" as well.  The song lyrics hint at a "painful headache" "in the rain"....  In this case, the HEADACHE that began on January 20, 2017 with the Presidential Oath of Office - hmmmm..... IN THE RAIN....  resulted in a giant migraine headache....  OK.. so, it doesn't "rain" every day...  but, daily pain infliction on the nation comes from the TWEETS and LIES that come on a daily basis.  The "downpour" of mistakes, lies, outrage, racism, destruction of democracy.... etc., etc.... goes on each and every day...  The cure is displayed in the predicted future cover of TIME Magazine....  and accurately describes an appropriate end to the Trump nightmare." 

That referenced Trump's history at the switch on the eve of a massive effort to correct the mistake made in 2016 with his election to office. OK... so he didn't resign - although he was impeached a second time.  As with the first time, the Senate refused to remove him from office - by a small margin in a vote requiring a 2/3 vote to convict. He applied destruction for yet another year - 2020 - with another Supreme Court appointment rushed through, the erasing of hundreds of regulations that protected Americans and America's natural assets, reduced or eliminated healthcare access, and more.  After the November 2020 election the PSYCHO undertook a "STOP THE STEAL" campaign that resulted in more death and construction - not in Ukraine - but in our nation's Capitol - resulting in death, injury, destruction, and an attempted seditious "coup." The January 6th, 2021 INSURRECTION continues under review by the House Select Committee on established over the insane objections and resistance/avoidance by Psycho Trump and his "Trump-Tribe". So here we are in late February, 2022. And, this time.... Trump's Pal - Putin - invades UKRAINE, deploys troops, sends missiles, wreaks destruction, and sheds blood... A complete disgrace.... and the taking of lives in violation of the United Nations Charter, international law, and the post- World War II agreements and modest alternations and international agreements made since then - including the agreement by Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. You will recall that Putin and Trump met privately several times in Moscow and elsewhere while the Psycho held office. Trump weakened NATO along the way - yet another Putin goal - that set the stage for the expansion of Russian territory and influence and the re-creation of a Russian "Sphere of Influence".   

  Once Putin began the assembly of his military on the borders of Ukraine - in Russia, Belarus, and in the Crimea (a section of Ukraine), European Leaders, President Biden, the UN Security Counsel and others spoke out against the THREAT OF INVASION. Putin - just like Trump - lied, lied, and lied describing the gathering of more than 100,000 Russian troops, military ships, air power, tanks, and artillery as "a military exercise." Putin also referred to Ukraine as "Russian" and not a nation - although it has existed for the last 30+ years. After a national referendum in Ukraine that received 90% of the votes cast, Ukraine officially declared itself an independent country on 24 August 1991, when the communist Supreme Soviet (parliament) of Ukraine proclaimed that Ukraine would no longer follow the laws of USSR and only the laws of the Ukrainian SSR, de facto declaring Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union. That was agreed to by President Yeltsin and Russia back then and recognized by the UN including all of the Security Council Members. Other Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania - all regained their sovereignty that same year - 1991. Under UN International Law, NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY CANNOT BE VIOLATED WITHOUT PENALTY. Of course, that is what President Biden has been doing - gathering the NATO allies and partners together, lining up and applying indicated economic sanctions and adding an American troop presence in eastern Europe with the allied nations in the Baltic states and Poland - the easternmost perimeter of the NATO member nations. Well, we know where Biden and the American Congress stands - Democrats and many Republicans alike. The very same place that the United States has stood on the global stage - until Trump.  So, where does Trump and his rabid "Tribal" allies stand today? The global economy is "shaken" with the price of oil up, the Stock Market down around the global markets with 800 points down on Wall Street as I type this at 9:45 AM today. And, where is Trump???



It took only 24 hours for Donald Trump to hail Russian President Vladimir Putin's dismembering of independent, democratic, sovereign Ukraine as an act of "genius." The former President often accuses his enemies falsely of treason, but his own giddy rush to side with a foreign leader who is proving to be an enemy of the United States and the West is shocking even by Trump's self-serving standards.

Keep your eye on Eastern Europe... Will this engulf all of Europe? Is this yet another model of the Hitlerian strategy?  Absorb the Sudetenland and then Austria (Crimea and Ukraine) before invading Poland France and others? As the World War I troop chant goes... "Where do we go from here boys... where do we go from here????"
Bobby J

Thursday, January 6, 2022


The last days of 2021… we celebrated the first year of Biden’s adopted agenda! The Infrastructure legislation adopted! The preceding moron president's regulatory destruction - restored … Respect for and adoption of the fight against Covid and its variants - following the scientific path of invention, innovation, and rules of battle, and the passage of the American Relief Act to rescue those individuals and small businesses placed at risk - small businesses closed,  workers suspended or laid-off due to the viral “invasion.”. And, a counter measure to the Trump rampage - appointment of progressive judges on the Federal bench.  Facing the results of Climate Change - fast and empathetic Biden outreach to communities and families in pain due to disasters in wind, flood, or fire. Quite the year... with many carrying black and blue... With millions afflicted, and 3/4 million+ deaths resulting from Covid variants and failure after failure of the previous president and his irresponsible administration “players” to rightly react to the infection spreading rapidly. Killing Americans by the 1000s daily, Biden and his allies fought for relief. Continued resistance by Moscow Mitch and Rightwing Nutz in office opposing the Dem agenda of assistance, relief, empathy, and restored health, 2021 was the year to struggle and the get through and survive. We did make it through.... with nearly 1,000,000 lost to the viral "invasion."
Injured, scared, battle-weary, yet determined… we made it through… but not whole. The economy recovers, unemployment shrinks to new lows, and the Stock Market hits new highs. Wages rise, employment opportunity expands but many openings are unfilled. Schools open… but not all… Major League sports resume… but some games postponed or cancelled… Vaccinations and booster shots continue… but not completed… and a good 1/3 of our folks continue to oppose - “Anti-Vaxers.” A tough year for sure…
But… many made it through…though not all. 2022 is about to begin… We wish a good New Year for you and yours and for all of us. Yet, we have a challenge ahead. LET'S TURN THE PAGE - 2022!
The CHALLENGE ahead... CHOICES to be made....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And, welcome to 2022…. A year of challenge... a year of risk... and a year of danger. Will this be the start of a new chapter in the history for the US… or will we witness the devolution… a crumble … of our democracy????
In any case, 2021 was a year of struggle - some successes and some failures. With “dings” and “dents” we enter a new year steering our nation toward a stressful future in 2022. A substantial challenge lies ahead. Do we have the courage, strength, and the commitment to make a difference, Or not?

President Biden signs the 2021 Infrastructure Act.


The 21 Infrastructure Act was adopted… good work. Vaccinations took off like a shot! The effort got our nation to near 70% vaccinated… but the Anti-Vaxers continue to resist…. Will vaccinations become the enduring Polio shot or the annual Flu Shot? Perhaps the every-other-month shot??? Time will tell… The Build Back Better legislation failed – to date. As has been said, “The moving finger having writ, moves on…”(The Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam, 1859). And, so we move on…


Will Build Back Better be adopted, or not? Will it be modified or broken into parts? What will pass??? Pre-K, Kid Care? Expanded healthcare? Family leave? Relief from Tuition Debt? Free Community College Tuition options? More? Less? Nothing? Will the Right Wing Republicans block everything in the Congressional election year? Or, can the US Senate filibuster rules in place, be altered to permit the narrow 50+1 Democratic Majority pass our agenda over the objections of Manchin and a few others? Can and will “Moscow Mitch” continue to block everything proposed as he did with Obama’s second term…and then declare – representing just 40% of the American population - FAILURE FOR BIDEN???

And, speaking of “Moscow Mitch”, will Putin invade Ukraine or not??? If so, what will the US response be? What will NATO do? Will Ukraine be the Putin first step in re-building the Soviet Union… going on to Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and more??? And, in post-Afghanistan time, what will the US do? Will NATO disappear into the 20th Century’s rear-view mirror and crumble? Will Putin cut-off the gas supplies via pipeline to all of Western Europe? And, as China invests TRILLIONS into the rebuilding of the Silk Road – by road and rail – to link directly to Western Europe, will China and its population of 1.4 BILLION become the economic engine of the globe??? Or, complete in building an “invasion road” for Western Europe? And, what will the US and NATO do? Good questions…. And few answers…..

COMING BACK HOME: As we enter 2022, Covid and its Omicron variant - in conjunction with the Delta Variant - continues to peak over and over…. Will we finally see the retreat of the virus
and the return of normalcy??? Or, simply a viral jump from one variant to another through those not vaccinated? Will sports grind to a halt, schools close for a month and open for a month and close again? Report to work or work from home? How long will this wearing “viral beat” go on??? Unfortunately, we cannot say – yet…. Variants continue to evolve.... Anti-Vaxers continue to both whine-in-place and become "super-spreaders" and ignore the outcome of their careless behavior. With 90% of those hospitalized being not vaccinated carriers/spreaders, is it time for the viral evolution to come to an abrupt end??? Or, is it time for The January 6th Select Committee Report and action taken by the US Department of Justice???

And, speaking of "Justice"... will the Supreme Court repeal Roe v. Wade and the right of a woman to determine the future of her own body within reason? In consultation with her doctor?
Will Roe V. Wade to come to an end???? And, will the High Court permit state after state to self-define women's rights/human rights notwithstanding federal law? Will the US revert to a collection of independent states as fought for by the Southern rebellious states in the Civil War in 1860? The US Supreme Court - brimming in three appointments by the MAGA before Biden - has permitted Texas and others to adopt local laws that ERASE WOMEN'S RIGHTS! THIS MUST STOP - RIGHT HERE... RIGHT NOW!
And so, we come to a Congressional election year as well…. With razor thin majorities in both houses and Biden in the White House, can we achieve a workable majority in both Houses? Or will we lose one or both the House and the Senate? Will the outcome cripple our national democracy and give rise to further erosion of the federal level and the growing strength of each state with state sovereignty on the rise.

Women’s control over their own bodies, education of the young, the sharing of national and state history, voting rights and regulations – administration and reporting of results, wages for work, workplace safety, environmental pollution and more…. all at risk? All in the hands of each state? No Lewis Act, Voting Rights Act, environmental law enforcement, protection of women’s rights??? Will the US Constitution erode back in time to the Articles of Confederation of Independent and sovereign states? Will the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA transform into a collection of small, independent nations with their own laws, rules, armies of militias, and economies? The base question is – has our time passed? Is the American horizon witnessing the setting of our democracy? Are we divided and disassembling… devolving into an ineffective collection of warring tribes and regions? Will the glory and progress of the “Melting Pot of the American Dream” evaporate? Disappear? March backward?
These are simply a set of questions…. With many more to follow. Shall we engage or simply sit by and watch the ship of state sink into oblivion? That is our choice… and your choice to make in 2022.
We have arrived at a fork in the road to the future…. We you stay in shelter at the bus stop? Or, will you board the bus headed down one road or the other????
I know my choice…. Do you know yours? Meanwhile, HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2022! History grinds on….. Will YOU help to shape the American future? Or, will you simply sit on the sidelines... or in the audience stands and watch the battle from your seats? That's up to YOU.


Friday, December 3, 2021



My guess is that BBB will not pass as is. Mansion blocks the House-passed legislation based on CPI inflation. Still, a reduced plan will be adopted - missing a list of beneficial features. Example - shorter or absent family leave… The Manchin's logic will be that adopting such a program will reduce the workforce presence - businesses large and small already hurting for workers. Pre-K and Childcare remains.  The idea there is to release potential employees to fill vacant job needs - say, truck drivers and service workers in child care, hotels, farms, retail, and restaurants.  Needless to say, the Republicans - House and Senate both - oppose this "investment into the future" Biden Plan as they follow the leadership of McConnell and McCarthy in their effort to prevent ANY VICTORY AND ANY BENEFIT adopted by Biden and the Democrats!  

Sound familiar?  Do you recall the McConnell Plan to destroy the Obama presidency through a general OPPOSITION TO EVERYTHING.  You will recall that McConnell blocked the Obama Supreme Court Nominee, Merrick Garland for a year. His excuse was that appointments to the Court should not take place in any presidential election year.  Once Trump took office in January of 2017, McConnell "forgot" his pledge. In addition to Gorsuch (2017) and Kavanaugh (10/2018), and Amy Barrett in October, 2020 - just one month before the presidential election! And, just now Roe v. Wade (1973) is being argued before the US Supreme Court - with three Justices appointed by Trump... and each privately or publicly pledged to repeal the woman's right to choose...

In any case, we finally adopted the Biden Infrastructure bill - narrowly. And, recently the House passed - narrowly - the Build Back Better bill and sent it to the Senate. Take another look at the cartoon above.  The Republicans - every single one - supported the Trump proposed tax relief for the rich and profit-rich corporations (including himself). That bill cost $3.9 TRILLION over 10 years.  The Biden Plan - Infrastructure and the BBB bill - does not cost anywhere near that figure. Taken together, the 10-year outlay of both comes to $2.2 TRILLION - with Trump adding to the deficit by more than twice the Biden amount. The Trump plan to benefit the wealthy was a pure revenue disconnect. The Biden investment plan - at a lesser cost - is paid for by tweaking tax policy and enforcement with a 15% minimum corporate tax on profits for those who pay nothing at all. Some 55 of the largest companies in the US - including many energy/oil companies, Nike, Fed Ex and more - paid ZERO FEDERAL TAX LAST YEAR. The BBB Plan will set a "floor" on profits of some 15%. And, for the most part, that levy plus active enforcement for those who "hide" their assets and profits "off shore" will pay their fair share as well. 

All of this makes sense... and has resulted in some really good news too.  The stock market has never been stronger. Unemployment is falling with over 500,000 new jobs last month, Covid is on the ropes with more vaccines and treatments; we are finally out of Afghanistan after 20 years and Trillions of dollars wasted. Just passed the biggest infrastructure investment since FDR and 32 Republicans joined about 260 Democrats in voting for it despite threats from Trumpers. The hint of bipartisanship Biden keeps fighting for. Wages will rise, training increased, and bonuses applied to get us over this hump. Meanwhile, the CPI increases may slow with a slowdown in demand and a breakthrough in supply via improvements in tweaking the “chain.” Still, the "supply chain" slow down was reduced by half in the last week....  Well done! 

Yet, according to recent polling almost 2/3 of voters think America is on the wrong track and they are disappointed with Biden.  HUH???


In 1945, Dwight Eisenhower, Commander of the Western Front and the Allied Normandy invasion, was shocked by the German Counter-offensive - THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE! The German High Command knew that defense-defense-and defense would not work as they slowly fell back toward the German border. The Counter Attack - the Battle of the Bulge - took place in late June and early July.  Defense alone does not work toward victory - attack is the answer.  

Over the past year we have witnessed the Moscow Mitch and Moscow McCarthy aggressively attack day after day - circulating rumors, making statements, accusations, and allegations.  Meanwhile, Their "Block the Biden Agenda" plan (BBA) to prevent the adoption of the Build Back Better Biden Plan (BBB) has so far prevented its adoption.  They cry out "failure!" "inflation!"  "economic ruin!" They sing, "the eve of destruction!"  Schumer, Pelosi lay out the program in defense....  and have not attacked the Republicans for turning their backs on the American People! With very few exceptions, the Rs have opposed looking into January 6th, refused to support and vote for the Infrastructure Plan that was finally adopted, and are in opposition - down to the last vote - of the BBB Plan. Instead, support the BBA Plan.... The Red Wing-nuts block the entire Biden agenda! Attack, attack, attack.... TORA, TORA, TORA!!! Keep the Dems on the defense! I believe that, as Eisenhower executed his counter-attack plan....and won in 1945 - Schumer, Pelosi, and Biden must stop the "Rope-A-Dope defense, reinforce, and counter attack the enemy! 
Call up and pass any modified version of BBB and sign it into law - A SUCCESS. After that, each eliminated or left out element gets introduced as a separate bill set of proposals. One by one, each is  called up for a Senate vote. This creates a record of Republican opposition and shields Manchin and others from a vote to publicly oppose any element that polls well. At that point, the Bulge Counter-attack begins… heading into the fall 2022.

In one 6-month period the Dems need to "roll the ball" - whatever shape - and get some bills passed and to Biden’s desk.  The point is - pass a re-elect platform and STOP “Rope-a-Dope” behavior.  Ali’s “Rope-a-Dope was defense, defense, defense…. No attack early in the match… save energy until the opponent gets battle-weary. Then step on the gas - AND ATTACK WITH FURY! If Pelosi and Schumer don’t pass phase 2 - Build Back Better - at least some version- and launch a full-bore attack on the Republican “Block and Blame” behavior… we lose and Biden suffers a complete blockage on his program, his judges and other appointments, his policies, and his legislation… and is then blamed as a do-nothing President who accomplished absolutely nothing.

The next segment would be a number of bills for those issues not adopted now… and, the January 6th Select Committee Hearings too!      These segmented bills - piece by piece - should force the Republicans to block and/or vote against those individual objectives - raise the min. wage, expanded Medicare coverage, reduce the cost of medication, provide Pre-school funding, Kid Care funding, and much more. Use that and more to launch the 2022 MASSIVE COUNTER-ATTACK on the Red “enemy of the American working families.” The ATTACK PLAN would expose their insane plan to govern for the rich - corporations and high wealth folks - erode the middle class, and ignore the desperate needs of those of modest income. McConnell and the rest of the Red Wing-nuts are building yet another “Gilded Age” at the expense and through the cheap sweat of the working poor. 

And, what about the Select Committee Hearings regarding the events of January 6th? Anyway... was January 6th the time to "Hang Mike Pence"? 


Anyway…. Spin the wheel and change the play! Complete the defense… and launch a never-ending attack… until the enemy is defeated and surrenders… the 2022 “Battle of the Biden Bulge.”  My 2 cents…. for now....

Sound like a pretty good plan to me... Just ask Ike Eisenhower..... It's time for the Counter attack! And, place the Republican Wing-nuts on the defense for eroding the American Democracy, undermining the Constitution, an attempted coup, refusing to reach out and help those in need of food, housing, education, and jobs, and turning their backs on women's rights and the challenges of poverty and health.